Residential Maintenance/Repair

Home Pro is your solution to complete home maintenance in Niagara!

Home maintenance is a growing side of our business because there is a huge demand from the public for ‘smaller’ jobs around the home.  Most contractors do not take on these projects, as they are too small.  We, however, specialize in handyman type home maintenance and repair.  It is beneficial for a home owner to hire experts who truly know how a home is constructed as opposed to a general handyman.  Only trust your investment to licensed professionals.  Qualified sub-trades which meet our high standards for quality are regularly brought in as part of our team to provide their expertise when needed.  We value these sub-trades and rely on them heavily to complete your home improvement tasks.

Our home maintenance service in Niagara is scheduled regularly with the office.  We conduct a phone consultation to discuss what is required and a set up a possible start date.  We also strongly recommend having your list of jobs during the phone consultation and upon arrival.  This will make the process more efficient and cost effective for you by allowing us to bring the appropriate tools and materials when we arrive.

Billing for residential maintenance is usually done on an hourly basis.

Feel free to contact us even for the smallest job or project.